Adidas launches fragrance range it says will improve your exercise

Adidas is releasing a new fragrance collection it says is designed to increase your desire to exercise.

The German clothing company's perfumes allegedly "activates an emotional centre of the brain and nervous system to enhance performance," reports CBS. 

However, the effectiveness of the scents to genuinely help people exercise is being called into question by some - Duncan Garner of The AM Show dismissed the range as "garbage in a bottle".

The Adidas 'Culture of Sport' range is said to include four fragrances - two for women and two for men.

With stylised names STRK, UNLSH, UPLFT and CHRG, the fragrances will be sold at Australian outlets for between AU$29 (NZ$31) and AU$49 (NZ$52), reports the Daily Mail.

The products will reportedly go on sale this week.


Adidas fragrances STRK, UNLSH, UPLFT and CHRG will allegedly improve exercise.
Photo credit: CBS
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