Aussie mum's frantic emergency call after toddler falls on pencil

Thomas in hospital after his accident
Thomas in hospital after his accident Photo credit: Queensland Ambulance Service

A Queensland mother's frantic emergency call has been released after her toddler lodged a pencil through the roof of his mouth.

Bri Skrypinski was with her family and her 14-month old son Thomas, having an early Christmas get together in November 2016.

Thomas had just started walking, and had toddled off from the adults when his mother heard his screams of pain.

She found her son covered in blood, the pencil jammed through the soft palate of his mouth.

"He's fallen, he had a pencil in his mouth it's gone right up into his palate," the frightened mother tells the operator.

"We cannot get [the pencil] out, it's jammed! He's bleeding everywhere!"

The operator insists they do not remove the pencil as it will worsen the bleeding, reports 7 News.

"There's blood coming out of his nose, he's starting to go purple in the face," the frantic mother told the operator.

Once he was taken to hospital, doctors discovered the pencil had missed Thomas's optic nerve by millimetres. He could have very easily been blinded.

After five days in hospital, Thomas was discharged with a fractured eye socket, reports 7 News.

Three years on, Thomas has to wear glasses due to muscle damage around his eye but is a happy and healthy toddler.



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