Australian capital set to legalise weed for personal use

Weed could become legal for personal use in Canberra if a new bill being put forward is passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly. 

The bill, being put forward on Wednesday, would allow citizens to grow two plants, and possess between 18 and 50 grams, AAP reports.

"Because of our drug laws, getting caught with a small amount of cannabis can ruin your life," said Michael Petterson, a Labor Party backbencher and the man behind the bill.

But there's a warning that that police could still lay charges should the bill pass, as territory law may clash with Commonwealth law.

"It creates uncertainty where we don't seem to have a formal position from police themselves," criminal lawyer Michael Kukulies-Smith told The Canberra Times.

The original bill was amended stating the cannabis must not be grown in community gardens, and must be kept out of reach of children.


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