Australian woman dumped by husband loses 40kg

An Australian woman who was dumped by her husband five weeks after her wedding has shared her dramatic weight loss on national TV.

Appearing on Channel Nine's This Time Next Year, Amanda Hobson told host Karl Stefanovic that after the break-up, she decided that before she turned 40-years-old, she wanted to lose 40 kilograms.

Australian woman dumped by husband loses 40kg
Photo credit: Channel Nine

"I have a heart condition, so I see a doctor fairly frequently. And when they turn around and tell you you're morbidly obese, it kind of is a wake-up call.

"And I can't leave my kids, I'm not ready to leave my kids," she told This Time Next Year.

The New South Wales mother-of-two originally weighed 110kg.

"God that hurts to say - triple figures isn't nice, not when you're five foot three," Hobson told the show. 

Appearing on the show a year later, having shed 40kg, she said the weight loss had changed her life.

"I'm happy with the person I see and I go out and people all over the place can't believe that I'm the same person," she said. "It's not a fake smile anymore, I'm not pretending to be happy."

And while the journey was tough, the show revealed Hobson had re-acquainted with her husband Mark.


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