Brisbane Domino's looking for chief garlic bread taster

Because who doesn't love garlic bread.
Because who doesn't love garlic bread. Photo credit: Getty

A Domino's restaurant in Australia is looking for a garlic bread expert to help test its "world-famous" food items in Brisbane.

The restaurant posted the job advertisement on Linkedin this week, and has already received more than 200 applications.

It's seeking applicants who are "a little bit crunchy, but mostly warm and soft on the inside".

The ideal candidate would have "never met a carb they don't like", "does not identity as a vampire", and "understands the perfect 'crunch to softness' ratio".

"You butter believe it!" the job description says.

Applicants require a minimum of five years' experience in garlic bread consumption, a detailed understanding of the pizza and garlic bread relationship, and "working taste buds".

The successful applicant will get to spend the day at Domino's Brisbane headquarters, and will be paid AU$30 (NZ$32) per hour - including a free feed.


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