Cadbury is releasing Dairy Milk Pineapple Lump chocolate - reports

Cadbury could be catering to its Kiwi fans with a rumoured new release - a block of Cadbury Pineapple Lumps chocolate. 

The global confectionery giant is reportedly releasing a fresh take on its iconic Dairy Milk chocolate, inspired by a Kiwi favourite - Pascall Pineapple Lumps. 

"Top secret! Please don't share this, coming soon!" a New World Facebook page captioned an image of the "special edition" product on Wednesday.

"Dairy Milk milk chocolate with chewy pineapple flavoured marshmallows," says the description on the chocolate's packaging.

The post has since attracted almost 6000 comments with a number of Pineapple Lump lovers expressing their excitement. 

"I hope they are New Zealand Pineapple Lumps and not Aussie ones," one loyalist wrote.

"Just buy a bag of Pineapple Lumps," said another purist.

Other Facebook users agreed the rumoured release is a sign to postpone their diets.

The product has yet to be confirmed by Cadbury.