Cadbury's Caramilk chocolate back on shelves by popular demand

It's some extremely exciting, truly scrumptious, sweet and delicious news sure to brighten up your Monday.

Chocolate lovers can now rejoice in the announcement that Cadbury is bringing its Caramilk chocolate back by popular demand - and it's back for good this time.

The company says it's had an overwhelming number of requests from fans, desperate for the sweet treat.

Cadbury says it's "delighted" to return the chocolate to Kiwi shelves.

"We're so excited about this launch," said Will Papesch of Cadbury New Zealand.

A pop-up Caramilk cafe is also set to open in mid-November - to acknowledge the Kiwi city where the chocolate is the most popular. The "Caramilk Capital" will also be announced in November.

"Finally, some good news!" a Twitter user said of the announcement.

Blocks will be back on the shelves next Monday.

Aziz Al-Sa'afin revealed the news on The AM Show.

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