Clarke Gayford chokes on magnet put in his mouth by 'unwatched toddler'

Not long after a wild tiger cut his fishing trip short, Clarke Gayford has again found himself in a perilous position - this time at the hands of a certain "unwatched toddler".

Gayford - the partner of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - tweeted on Tuesday night that he had choked on a "large fridge magnet" that had been put into his mouth, seemingly by his daughter Neve.

"Waking from a wee jet-lag snozz on the living room floor to find myself choking on a large fridge magnet that had been put in my clearly open pie-hole, I can only conclude that a tiger has nothing on the dangers of an unwatched toddler," he said.

Earlier this week, Gayford posted on Instagram a video of himself on the banks of a river in Malaysia's Endau-Rompin National Park.

"Our guide has just stopped us and we've had to form a group, because there is a tiger on the other side of the river," Gayford said, pointing across the water. 

"And so we're just sitting here very quietly hoping that that's the side that the tiger stays on."

Many have liked and commented on the tweet. Kiwi documentary maker Dylan Reeve said: "Maybe the DPS should reassess the threats you face?"

"She enjoys sharing, massive tick for good parenting. Didn't choke, awesome dad skills," said another person.

It's not the first time Gayford has shared news about his daughter Neve on social media. In March, he said she had begun crawling. On her first birthday, Gayford showed off a present Neve had received from Prince William.