Dad asks for advice after refusing to walk daughter down aisle with stepdad

It's an antiquated tradition, but one many fathers dream of: Walking their daughter down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. 

But one dad has soured the occasion by refusing to walk his daughter down the aisle accompanied by her stepdad - and the internet is not happy about it. 

In a recent post on popular sub-Reddit, 'Am I The Asshole,' the Redditor explained that he and his wife divorced when their daughter was six, and his ex "quickly moved on to be with another man seven years younger than her". (No bitter subtext there at all.) 

"I knew from many stories I've heard that my daughter would probably end up being closer to him than me [as] he was a stay at home dad," he wrote. 

"This may sound immature but I made her promise to never ever call her stepdad (dad), that I was her only father and to not betray me."

Sounds like a healthy promise to put on a six-year-old. 

The man added that his "prediction came through" and now his daughter is particularly close to her stepfather. Rather than choose between them, his daughter has requested they both walk her down the aisle. 

"Even though I know they're very close, I don't believe he has any right to walk my blood daughter down the aisle. I am her only father, it isn't fair that he got to be with my daughter more than me, her bio dad, and now he wants to take this moment from me too," the dad ranted. 

"I got a bit angry and told her I absolutely will not share an honour that is meant for me the actual father of the bride with some guy I barely know. 

"She told me he's done a lot for her growing up and that I'm being petty over something that happened years ago. I told her I wasn't going to argue about it and if she wants her stepdad to walk her she can, but I won't be there to see it."

The man finished the post by asking if others had gone through something similar, and to "see other people's perspective". Unsurprisingly, most commenters thought he was being a massive jerk 

"It's HER day and you're already ruining shit," wrote one person. 

"So you can't be an adult and put aside your feelings for one day for your daughter? Why are you making her choose? You sound jealous and bitter," observed another. 

"Am I the only one who is seething in anger because of this guy? The audacity that he even asked this question. I feel so bad for his daughter for having such a shitty, petty excuse for a father," wrote another. 

Many commenters linked in the much nicer series of events that headlines in 2015, when a dad brought his daughter's stepfather up to help walk "their" daughter down the aisle. 

Let's all focus on that one instead. 



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