Daylight saving: How the internet reacted to clocks going forward an hour

With the clocks going forward an hour on Sunday morning to mark the start of daylight savings, there have been mixed reactions on the internet.

Daylight saving has been a tradition in New Zealand since 1975, paving the way for six months of long, sunny evenings.

And while the change may only be one hour, not everyone was amused about losing that precious weekend sleep. One Twitter user claims to "hate" daylight savings.

Another said it has "the same energy as that weird week between Christmas and New Years".

"F**k daylight savings, give me my hour back," another wrote.

For others, changing the clock didn't have any effect.

"Daylight savings is better," one Twitter user wrote.

"Quit ya [sic] whinging and suck it up, people," another said.

For those struggling, the advice from experts is to adjust slowly by going to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual for the first week, and increase that time across the following weeks.

There's been calls throughout the world to end clock shifts. European Union lawmakers voted in March to scrap from 2021 the practice of moving clocks forward by an hour in spring, then back again in the autumn.

The seasonal time shift has also been the subject of debate in the US, where legislators have tried unsuccessfully to abolish it.