Defiant vegan activists vow to keep protesting

The organisers of a vegan protest inside an Auckland supermarket have every intention to keep demonstrating.

Activists stood in front of the meat section at Countdown St Lukes holding signs demanding shoppers stop eating animals on Sunday.

Video of the event shows one of the organisers, Anna Rippon, shouting at staff when they asked her if she had permission, explaining it was a peaceful protest for the "victims" of the meat industry.

Fellow protest organiser Deno Stock told Newshub in the wake of the event more anti-meat protests are likely.

He also said he's not too bothered about people criticising the protest as too aggressive. 

"Everyone has an opinion," he told Newshub.

Stock and Rippon told RNZ's Morning Report they're planning something new but aren't ready to say what that is.

"There'll be other types of protest, I won't say what they are, they'll be different types of protest. We're working on lots of things," Stock said.

Rippon said the protests were following on from other vegan activism overseas.

"We liked what we saw happening overseas with the airtime that the [animals] were getting and we wanted to bring it to our home in New Zealand," she said.

Vegan protests have been gaining momentum overseas, reaching the point in Australia where the government has now imposed strict penalties on demonstrators invading farms.

According to The Canberra Times, anyone inciting others to trespass on farms, destroy farm property or steal from farms could now face jail time.