First mum in Britain to have 10 sons in a row finally gives birth to daughter

The first mum in Britain to give birth to 10 boys in a row finally has a daughter.

Alexis Brett, 39, had resigned herself to an all-male household before giving birth to her eleventh child, a baby girl, in August.

"We're over the moon... when I found out it was a girl, my face was a picture," Brett told The Mirror.

"I was shocked, but delighted." 

Baby Cameron will have no shortage of big brothers to protect her growing up, her 10 older siblings aged between two and 17.

Dad David, a 44-year-old train driver, says the boys have "generally been much better behaved" around their new sister.

Alexis Brett and her husband, David.
Alexis Brett and her husband, David. Photo credit: Facebook/Alexis Brett

The couple say Cameron marks the completion of their family, which includes Campbell, 17, Harrison, 16, Corey, 14, Lachlan, 11, Brodie, nine, Brahn, eight, Hunter, six, Mack, five, Blake, three and Rothagaidh, two.

"We're definitely stopping now," Brett told The Mirror.

"I said that last time, but this time I absolutely mean it."

The mum-of-11 says the couple don't care what people think of their sizeable family, including the claims that the Bretts are on benefits.

"We're not. David has a good job, which means we don't even qualify for full child benefit."

The couple, from Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands, opted for a gender scan for the first time since their parenting journey began.

The mum has spent more than eight years of her life pregnant since she first conceived.

Brett says the couple were not "bothered" over the gender of their latest arrival.

"We're asked a lot if we had so many children because we were hoping for that elusive girl. I can honestly answer 'no'," she told the outlet.

Brett is now contemplating getting sterilised, claiming she could be "immune" to most contraceptives.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," says David.

"[We] sometimes look at each other to say, 'what have we done?' But when the boys make us laugh, it makes it all worthwhile."


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