Husband who showed wife motivational messages during labour 'roasted' on social media

The man recorded himself holding up a booklet of flashcards to his wife during childbirth.
The man recorded himself holding up a booklet of flashcards to his wife during childbirth. Photo credit: ABC News / Twitter

A viral video of a US man showing his wife a book of motivational messages while she was in labour has divided viewers between "awws" and "ewws". 

The man from Atlanta, Georgia has been dubbed "husband of the year" by ABC News after footage of him flipping through a booklet of anecdotes, memories and reassuring messages for his wife to read during her two-day-long labour went viral. 

"You are my best friend, soul mate and in just a few pushes... the most amazing mother our daughter could ever ask for," the new father, identified by some media outlets as Kendall Caver, says through a series of sentimental flashcards.

The three-minute clip has amassed close to six million views and almost 37,000 likes since it was shared to Twitter by ABC News on Friday (local time).

While some have praised Caver for his creativity, not everyone has been so enamoured with the romantic gesture. 

"Honestly, giving birth seems like enough work without having to read too," one person commented.

"Just been slightly sick in my mouth," said another.

"Did she punch him?" one woman put it a little more bluntly. 

The man's "Bob Dylan impersonation" also riled up viewers for another reason, with many questioning the new father's motives behind the video.

"Why can't [he] just hold her hand and say those things when she is right there... just a show off for media," one person observed.

"[Social media] has engendered a bizarre, nationwide competition to be 'noticed'," said another.

"He's not doing it for her," Twitter user Kate Andrews speculated.

Many seemed to agree with Andrews, a number of comments referring to a suspected search for "internet fame" and "clicks and likes".

"If it was for her, he wouldn't of [sic] recorded it and then posted it online," one man claimed. "It was all for him, he needed attention." 

Even controversial UK broadcaster Piers Morgan had an opinion.

"I would correct this to 'American husband of the year'," he tweeted in response to ABC News "I suspect most British mums would tell him to shove his 'motivational' book where the sun don't shine."

Caver has since defended his actions, revealing his wife Jasmine had been anxious in the lead up to the birth due to a previous miscarriage, LAD Bible reports.

"I wanted to do something that could help her take her mind off all that was happening," he said.

Caver said Jasmine "laughed, smiled and cried" during his tribute to their time together.

He announced on Facebook their daughter, Sofia, was born on September 3.


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