I Quit Sugar' founder Sarah Wilson reveals she now eats chocolate every day

The creator of the sugar-free empire that took over the world has admitted she eats chocolate every day and loves to "freak people out" by eating chocolate cake. 

Sarah Wilson became one of the biggest names in the health industry with her New York Times bestseller I Quit Sugar, and business which raked in more than NZ$2.9 million a year. 

But she told The Mail on Sunday this week, "it's all in my past now". 

"Now I say, I quit 'I quit sugar', I can do what I want," the author revealed. 

"I love freaking people out by eating cake. I eat chocolate every day and I love red wine, too. I can't live without that stuff."

Previously Wilson has waxed evangelical about "quitting the white stuff", telling her 1.2 million IQS disciples that she "lost weight and [her] skin cleared."

"I found the kind of energy and sparkle I had as a kid," the author told her online diet club.

In the opening pages of her first book, Wilson wrote, "When you first quit sugar, you must quit ALL of it... so you can break the addiction," and referred to sugar as "poison". 

However, she now insists to The Mail she "never told anyone not to eat sugar". 

Australian qualified nutritionist Tara Leong posted on Instagram that she was "so angry" at the about-turn. 

"[She was] the lady who earned millions each year from her books and subscription plans that put the fear of sugar into so many people's brains, while us nutrition professionals had to help the people who had been made sick from her terrible advice that was NOT based on science," Leong raged. 

"How dare you not take responsibility for the harm you've caused. How dare you not reflect and apologize to the people you have harmed during your process of just doing what you wanted. 

"She walked away from the business and now says that she never told people not to eat sugar. WTF? Has she not seen the actual name of her business?"

Wilson is now publicizing her book about anxiety, First We Make the Beast Beautiful.