'I reject your rejection' - Sydney teenager's astounding response after job rejection

A Sydney teenager has shown how not to take no for an answer with her sassy reply to a job rejection. 

Last month 18-year-old Jessica Irving applied for a job as retail assistant at Australian supermarket giant Aldi. 

The teen received a rejection email, advising she had "not proceeded to the next stage in this instance". 

But Irving decided not to take it lying down, firing back an email of her own. 

"Although my application was rejected, I have been applying for jobs over a year now with no success," she began her email to ALDI.

"My skills are on par with your store, with the ability to be exceptionally fast-paced to scan items like every ALDI Team Member does."

Irving wrote that she prided herself on "impressive sale skills" and described herself as "very persuasive". 

"So persuasive in fact, that I would like to confidentially reject your rejection. Thank you for letting me be a part of the team, I won't let you down. 

"See you on Monday for my 9-5 shift."

The gutsy move paid off, with the supermarket recruitment team inviting her to a group interview. 

Irving shared the emails on Facebook in a post which has racked up over 15,000 likes and 8000 shares. 

"I cannot believe this worked," she captioned the post. 

Commenters have praised the teenager's persistence, and say they're going to channel it themselves. 

"I'm doing this from now on," one person wrote., 

"I've been it this wrong the whole time," wrote another.