Instagram influencer criticised for promoting bikini in post dedicated to dead loved ones

An Instagram influencer has come under fire for promoting her designer bikini in a memorial post dedicated to her dead loved ones. 

Marissa Casey Grossman, who goes by the Instagram alias 'Fashionambitionist,' posted the controversial image during an Italian vacation with her husband. 

"Living our best lives for Meme, Michelle Blumenthal, Sam Allen, Aunt Sue, Gabe's Grandparents, Lauren Marcus.... and all those that shine on us everyday," she captioned the post, seen by her 178,000 strong social media following. 

"Because of you that left us way too soon— we try our very hardest to never take any day for granted and to always be grateful. " 

However, rather than leaving it at that, Grossman couldn' help but throw in the maker of her swimsuit. 

"And [because] they'd all want to know too, swimsuit is @montce_swim," she added, tagging in the brand. 

The post racked up over 150 horrified comments from followers dubbing it "tasteless and unnecessary" and "self-indulgent ridiculousness".

"You already made another post after this one to advertise, why did you need to add it at the bottom of your tribute to dead family members as well..?" one person pointed out. 

"The classless and vapid influencer culture will never cease to amaze me…" wrote another. 

One person saw the funny side, writing "I can't help but laugh every time I read this. Pretty sure if you had a couple of mins with all the people you lost, the least of their concerns would be your suit. Just saying."

But it would appear Grossman took the opportunity to delete some of the negative feedback, according to one commenter who wrote: "you can't delete all the bad comments on this post". 

"You're in the public eye, you have to take the good with the bad," they pointed out. 

Grossman defended herself in a now-deleted Instagram story, importing fans to "please think before you post and comment". 

"One of my best friends actually passed away in front of me from an aneurysm when I was 13 - I don't think you know anything about her or our relationship.

"Enough is enough. Stop bullying me."

It's not the first time in recent weeks an Instagram influencer has come under fire for "exploiting" tragedy. 

Recently US Instagrammer Tiffany Mitchel was accused of staging a motorbike accident to promote a sponsored water. 



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