Internet decides NZ's Chit Chat better than Australia's Tim Tam

A New Zealander has sparked animated online debate after making the controversial claim that the classic Kiwi 'Chit Chat' biscuit is better than the Aussie 'Tim Tam'. 

Both biscuits are similarly made, layered with chocolate filling and covered in a milk chocolate coating. Typically the Tim Tam is more widely regarded than the Chit Chat. 

But one impassioned biscuit fan took to the New Zealand sub-Reddit to write that the "Chit Chat really is the unsung hero of this nation", even going as far as to say instead of "Tim Tam slams, it should be the Chit Chat slam". 

"Chit Chat is made in NZ and so the chocolate is far superior to that overly sweet chocolate produced in Australia," they wrote. 

"Also the chocolate creme filling and biscuit have a nice rounded flavour and doesn't leave the terrible Tim Tam after taste in your mouth.

"The only advantage that the Tim Tam has is it comes in multiple flavours, but none of them are actually anything to write home about and who wants double chocolate when the chocolate is made in Australia?"

Fellow Kiwis immediately jumped in, with many in full agreement. 

"Nothing at all controversial, simply the best," wrote one fan. 

"F**king agree wholeheartedly. Timtams suck," wrote another. 

"I've always been a Tim Tam guy but a few months ago my girlfriend converted me over to Chit Chat and I haven't looked back lol," recounted another. 

However others were hesitant to pit the two against each other. 

"It's a tough one. I do enjoy a double-coated Tim Tam for a Tim Tam slam. The extra chocolate gives added stability allowing for more coffee to be absorbed before melting," one personed reasoned. 

"One thing I do like about Tim Tams though is that they constantly have promotional flavours," wrote another. 

Produced by Kiwi biscuit company Griffins, a pack of Chit Chats sells for $2.69 each ($1.49/100G) according to the COuntdown website. Meanwhile, the Arnott's Tim Tim Tam clocks in more expensive, with a pack retailing for $3.50 ($1.75/100g). 

It's not the only biscuit news to spark debate around the country this week. Twitter McKay Turner made the shocking discovery on Monday that packets of Griffins Choc Thins have become smaller without anyone noticing. 











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