KFC trialling fried chicken between glazed doughnut buns in brand-new burger

Fast-food giant KFC is trialling a brand-new beast of a burger, combining its famous fried chicken with glazed doughnut buns.

We'll take 10, please.

The chain announced it would be testing its latest menu item, 'Chicken and Doughnuts', at 40 lucky locations across the US.

Unfortunately, Kiwis won't be getting a taste of the deep-fried treat anytime soon - but that doesn't mean it's totally off the table. 

"At this point in time, we will not be bringing Chicken and Doughnuts to New Zealand, but that's not to say we won't consider it in the future," a Restaurant Brands spokesperson told Stuff.

KFC will offer two versions of the limited-time snack, allowing customers to pick from a fried chicken fillet between two glazed doughnuts, or a basket of chicken tenders or chicken on the bone with one or two doughnuts on the side.

The pre-cooked doughnuts will be dipped in the fryers and glazed with a vanilla icing to ensure they are fresh and hot, reports Business Insider Australia.

The chicken-and-doughnut sandwich has already been popularised in cities like Chicago and Houston, with a handful of stores already known for the calorific combo.

Despite its outward appeal, the dirty doughnut mashup has polarised social media. Responses have ranged from "KFC wants us to die so badly" to "this sounds absolutely horrendous".

Others have a more balanced approach.

"This looks disgusting where can I try it," one woman tweeted.


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