Kiwi blogger Kate Hall wears same dress every day to New Zealand Fashion Week

A Kiwi lifestyle blogger has broken all of the golden fashion rules by rocking the same dress every day to New Zealand Fashion Week. 

Kate Hall, who runs lifestyle blog Ethically Kate, has racked up over 13000 followers on Instagram with her tips for living more sustainably. 

Hall wore the same dress by eco-friendly designer Tamga  every day to NZFW last week, styled with different jackets and accessories.

The theme of this year's NZFW was 'sustainability', and Hall told Newshub on Wednesday to her that means wearing what you have and using up existing resources. 

"It's brilliant that there are so many amazing ethical and sustainable fashion brands popping up who treat their workers respectfully and use natural or recycled fabrics, but we can't keep consuming clothes at the rate we are -  no matter if they are sustainably made or not," she explains. 

"I'm really passionate about getting rid of the social pressure to always wear something new, especially to big events like fashion week. We should treat our clothes as investments, rather than disposable skins."

For Hall, there are endless benefits to re-wearing outfits. 

"[It] saves my bank account, precious world resources, energy, and also makes me feel better about getting dressed in the morning- I never think 'oh I have nothing to wear!'"

Hall says that while, in theory, it might seem easier to wear the same thing every day, it was actually harder to style the same dress in multiple different ways. 

"Rather than pick out outfits that I knew already went together, I had to switch my brain on properly, and get creative. It certainly became easier as time went on!"

It's not the first time re-wearing the same outfit has hit the headlines. In 2014 it was revealed Australian newscaster Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit every day for a year to draw attention to 'fashion sexism'. He wore the same blue suit on air every day for a year, and, as the TV personality revealed to Fairfax Media, absolutely nobody said a thing. 

However, you only have to look at the scrutiny the celebrities and the Royal Family face to know that usually women are criticized for re-wearing outfits - especially somewhere like Fashion Week. 

But Hall says she only got a positive response. 

"I had so much amazing feedback in the online world," she enthuses. "People started re-wearing their clothes even that week and sending me messages saying they feel so much more comfortable doing it. 

"To be honest, I don't think the public or the people I saw every day even noticed or cared. Which is crazy, because that's what everyone is so worried about."

For those wanting to take the step and cut down waste in their own shopping habits, Hall advises you to "start really small". 

"Start where you are," she advises. "Don't attempt to do what I did if you are currently a shopaholic and shop every weekend. Baby steps mean it's going to be easier for you, and more sustainable in the long run." 

Much like starting a healthy eating plan or picking up exercise, it's less likely you'll give up if you take it slowly. 

"I'd recommend spending time with your wardrobe. Give yourself the challenge to create three outfits that you've never worn before, using only what you have in your wardrobe. Mix things up. 

"We don't often spend time with our wardrobes because we're stressing to head out the door! But spending two hours in your own wardrobe instead of the mall, is hugely beneficial for you and the planet."