Māori Language Week: How to order your coffee in Te Reo Māori

This week marks Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, a chance for us to incorporate a little more Te Reo into our everyday lives. 

Here's a way you can use it in something you likely do every day - order your morning coffee. 

According to this handy guide to ordering your coffee - or kawhe - in Māori, it's easy to slip some Te Reo words into your order, although if you get triple-shot-coconut-caramel-frappe it might be a little harder. 

Depending on how much sleep you got the night before, you might choose a Hawhe hōta (half shot) or a Rua hōta (double shot). 

You might be a Rāte (latte) or Kaputīno (cappuccino) fan, or even a Moka (mocha) lover if you're more into something a little sweeter!

If you're not a coffee drinker, try a Kaputī (cup of tea), Tī hīoi (peppermint tea) or Tiakarete wera (hot chocolate).

And remember your manners! Tēnā koe means both hello and thank you, Ka kite anō is, of course, see you later, and if it was a  good brew you might say it was Namunamua! (Delicious!) 

Some places around Aotearoa will be offering discounts during Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori if you order in Te Reo, so keep your eyes peeled on social media pages!

Below is a handy Massey University guide you'll probably find in your local cafe, and here's an extended Māori Television vocab list if you're ready to take your conversation to the next level!

Māori Language Week: How to order your coffee in Te Reo Māori
Photo credit: Massey University.