Model makes bold protest while walking Gucci catwalk

Ayesha Tan Jones.
Ayesha Tan Jones. Photo credit: Ayesha Tan Jones / Instagram

Gucci's move to include straitjackets at Milan Fashion Week has been widely criticised, including by one model who protested mid-show.  

The designer label says the garments would not be sold in its shops but were instead, modelled to "make a statement about self-expression".

During the show, model Ayesha Tan Jones protested by writing "mental health is not fashion" on her hands. As she walked, she held the palms of her hands up, facing towards the audience. 

Straitjackets are often used to confine the arms of a person receiving mental health care. 

Tan Jones took to Instagram after the show to explain why she did it. 

"I want to use this opportunity to remind people that this sort of bravery, is only a simple gesture compared to the bravery that people with mental health issues show everyday," she wrote. 

"To have the bravery to get out of bed, to greet the day, and to live their lives is an act of strength.

"Many of the other Gucci models who were in the show felt just as strongly as I did about this depiction of straightjackets, and without their support I would not have had the courage to walk out and peacefully protest."

Gucci has since released a statement, saying the clothes were designed to "make a point about fashion and self-expression", Bloomberg reports.