New Auckland studio offers yoga, but not as you know it

Baptiste Power Yoga studio and founder Cat Thompson
Cat Thompson founded the studio after seeing there was nothing else of its kind in Auckland. Photo credit: Supplied.

Lying on my back listening to the rain pitter-patter down onto the roof, while someone massages the base of my scalp and places a cooling lavender eye pillow on my eyes - I swear I was post-massage in an expensive Swiss spa.

Only the sweat drying on my body reminds me how hard I've just worked, and that instead of a massage, I've just finished a 75 minute Power Yoga class at Auckland's newest studio, Basecamp Power Yoga. 

Yoga studios are a dime a dozen in Auckland, but Grey Lynn's newest opening offers something different from the pack. It's one of the only studios in NZ to practice Baptiste Power Yoga, known for toning and detoxifying the whole body,

"Our style of yoga is not designed to maintain the status quo," explains founder, Cat Thompson. "We're about stepping into the fire and creating a new result, right now."

Thompson told Newshub they offer a more "athletic style of yoga" and consider themselves more "community-orientated". 

"It's really fun and not too serious, and not about fitting into a strict yoga box," she explains. 

I must admit, after my first sweaty flow sequence at one of Thompson's classes on Monday, I was questioning the 'fun' part. It was tough and I was planking and holding with the best of them. 

But as I found my rythm I became exhilarated, and it's hard not to get into it as Thomspon walks around reminding people to smile and encouraging hesitant newbies to push themselves - while enjoying themselves. 

If you are a newbie and would never dream of trying such a class, Thompson says to "go for it". 

"For beginners, I'd say go for it, jump in," she says. "Our teachers are well trained and will help you. We also offer private classes if you're someone who might be a little intimidated by the phrase 'power yoga'. We're going to add a 'back to basics' class for people brand new."

I left sweaty and smiling, and with all my Monday-itis blasted away. The highlight: that soothing Shavasana at the end, accompanied by a brief massage and a cooling eye pillow. Go just for that, I'd say. 

If you're keen, Basecamp is hosting community day on Sunday, September 15 with free classes, music, delicious food and smoothies. Follow @basecamppoweryoga on Instagram for more details. 



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