New Zealander spends almost $100 on childhood lollies after getting 'super blazed'

This story was first published in September 2019.

A New Zealander has given new meaning to the munchies after waking up and discovering a shocking spend on their favourite childhood confectionery. 

Reddit user 'Jezb87', a Kiwi based in Melbourne, posted on the Aotearoa sub-Reddit that they got "super blazed and ordered almost $100 worth of lollies I used to eat when I was a kid". 

An accompanying screenshot of the receipt from New Lynn-based company Mayceys Confectionery, reveals they splashed out on 'Rainbow Peaches and Cream' sweets, 'Rainbow Airplanes, 'Crocodiles' and 'Banana Dots'. 

They also ordered a tomato-shaped sauce dispenser, a classic Kiwi household staple. 

The bill added up to $92.81, but triggered a wave of nostalgia from commenters. 

"Maycey's big killer-crocs were like chewing into gum leather boots, but f**k did I love them," one person wrote. 

"You're gonna feel sick, then regret. Enjoy the first few!" another warned. 

"I'm pretty sure I could do that UNblazed. Lollies are the bomb," another wrote.

The 'next morning' realisation seems to be a theme in recent weeks, after Twitter user Gordi went viral for his post revealing the personalised Toblerone his roommate ordered when he "got super stoned a couple of weeks back".

"He immediately forgot about it until it showed up last night," he added, including a  photo of the giant chocolate bar. 

His roommate inexplicably appeared to attempt to write the word Toblerone on the 'personalised' bar, but instead wrote 'TBBLOBNOERN' (unless that was what he was going for).