Oh shuck it: 10 steps to shucking oysters like a pro

If you're a little nervous about tackling oyster shucking, here are the top tips you need. Photo credit: Supplied.

It's Mahurangi oyster season and whether you're a profesh or simply pro-fresh we've got the inside scoop on how to shuck like a pro, care of the team at Mahurangi Oysters. 

They're busy prepping for the Oyster Festival next month, but they've passed on their pro knowledge, so you don't slice off a finger (or worse). 

First things first, make sure you have the tools of the trade ready to rock:

  1. To shuck like a pro, you'll need a tea towel and an oyster shucking knife (or a sturdy kitchen knife with a short and strong blade)
  2. Drape the tea towel over the open palm of your non-dominant hand 
  3. Nestle the oyster in, cupping it in the palm of your hand, with the flat side of the shell facing up
  4. Place the hinge of the shell into the V created by your thumb and first finger to hold secure
  5. Slip the knife blade in between the top and bottom shells 
  6. Use a twisting motion and lever the knife downward, so the tip pushes into the top shell and pries the oyster open.
    Pro tip: you'll need a firm push to open the little shucker, but go slowly, so you don't lose any of the precious liquid inside
  7. Once inside you'll need to cut the oyster free from its shell by cutting the muscle that connects at the top and the one on the underside
  8. Garnish as desired and slurp back a dose of fresh, fresh vitamin sea
  9. Eat, shuck, repeat 

If you think you're up to par, there will be an all-day shucking competition at the festival on October 6, as well as a shuck load of Mahurangi Harbour's finest to be devoured by the dozen. 

Owner-operators Andrew and Lisa Hay of Mahurangi Oysters have been a part of the festival since day dot, and with a family history in oyster farming that began in 1991, they really know their stuff.

 "We love bringing a taster of our corner of the unspoilt Mahurangi Harbour to the Oyster Festival - there's nothing quite like sharing the magic of fresh oysters with fanatics - and converting a few new fans along the way!" says Lisa. 

You can find more info about the Oyster Festival Matakana here



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