Personalised, custom-made diets are more effective for individual health goals - study

A study of twins has revealed the best way to lose weight is not adhering to the fad diets others swear by - but opting for a customised, individualised way of eating.

A Brisbane woman, who suffered years of debilitating migraines and arthritis pain, found that switching her diet to a personalised way of eating drastically improved her day-to-day life in a way nothing else had done before.

"It's been life-changing, absolutely," she told 7 News. 

It's no fad diet that anyone can follow. It's an individualised way of eating, customised specifically for her. It has slashed the woman's use of anti-inflammatory migraine medication.

"I was on three a day now I'm down to one a day," she said.

The diet was developed by Brisbane-based clinical nutritionist Katie King - based solely on one simple blood-test.

"Different people respond very differently to exactly the same foods, even identical twins," King said.

A 25-year UK investigation of health and lifestyle focused on these different responses by studying 14,000 twins. Researchers found that DNA, medical history, insulin, blood sugars, liver function and bodily inflammation need to be known so the right fruit, vegetables, starch and protein can be tailored for that specific person - resulting in effective weight loss.

"We then match the exact right foods and the quantities to that person, so they essentially have the ideal diet for them," said King.

So whether the goal is to lose weight, improve health or reclaim a good quality of life, a single blood test could be the answer.