Ponsonby bar Gypsy Caravan shuts doors following 'humiliating' confrontation with diabetic

Gypsy Caravan and Auckland woman Holly Roberson
The bar has been forced to close after Holly Roberson spoke out on the "humiliating" incident. Photo credit: Facebook.

Auckland bar Gypsy Caravan has been forced to close after a diabetic Auckland woman spoke out about the shocking treatment she received while trying to correct her insulin levels. 

Personal trainer Holly Roberson, who has Type 1 Diabetes, took to Facebook earlier this year to reveal she was "publicly shamed" by staff at the Ponsonby establishment after attempting to eat a kumara salad she brought herself. 

"I was shouted at by the manager on duty, in a cocktail bar, in front of my friends and onlookers, where we had purchased food and beverages, because I was eating my own food that, I had counted the carbs and had Insulin on board for," Roberson revealed in the July post. 

Roberson added she "was forced to explain the basics of diabetes," to the manager while trying to stave off a potentially fatal diabetic "low". 

"I have never felt so humiliated, and was made to feel like a villain because of an incurable disease," she wrote. 

"I was shamed in front of my friends and reprimanded like a naughty child."

Roberson was reportedly later issued an apology by both the restaurant owner and manager, who resigned following the incident, according to NZME. 

Owner Dickey Oberoi told NZME other staff were "scared" following the incident, leading to staffing shortages he described as "a huge disaster". 

Gypsy Caravan revealed on their Facebook page that Friday 13 was the final day of operation, but did not confirm that is was due to the incident. 


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