'Porridge lattes' hailed as the newest breakfast wellness trend

Every morning of an exam back at university,  I would make what I called a "poffee". 

Whipping up my usual porridge on the stove, I would pour in a cup of instant coffee during the cooking process as the liquid for my oats. I would then enjoy my "poffee" with an extra coffee on the side. 

I never failed an exam, and I like to think it was the double caffeine-carbohydrate combination. 

But it turns out I could have been ahead of the times. 

'Porridge lattes', a combination of oats and espresso, is the newest breakfast trend blowing up overseas, nudging celery juice out of the morning wellness superstar spot.

They're also cropping up all over Instagram as the prettiest way to down breakfast on the go. 

The porridge latte first actually popped up in 2015 when was referred to as the "ultimate meal-in-one" by Bon Appetit magazine.

Now a US cafe owner is claiming back the meal/drink.

According to the Mirror, Johanna Hirschboeck uses the steamer attachment of an espresso machine to cook the oats and heat the milk until it starts to foam. You can do it yourself at home on the stove if you're so inclined. 

Porridge lattes are also reportedly featured on the secret Starbucks menu in the US and UK, where you can order a coffee blended with cereal powder made from oats, barley and wheat. 

I still prefer the name "poffee" though.