Scottish woman's epic shoe fail has Twitter in hysterics

Never walk a mile in this woman's shoes.

UK woman Ayleigh McGhee couldn't figure out why she was struggling to walk in her heels during a night out in Glasgow.

As it transpires, her boots were definitely made for walking - but she had her feet in the wrong camps. 

"Ayleigh was actual moaning the full night saying she couldn't walk in her shoes," McGhee's friend Georgia Henry took to Twitter to share the hilarious mix-up on Sunday, alongside a photo of McGhee in her swapped-over shoes.

"[She] only just realised this morning she was wearing them on the wrong feet.

"This lassie, man."

Shoes on the wrong feet
McGhee's mix-up. Photo credit: Twitter

The mishap amused thousands of Twitter users, the post quickly going viral as it amassed over 33,000 likes.

A number of women found McGhee's toe-curling experience highly relatable.

"Defo can see me doing this," one person sympathised.

"Could have been me that night tbh considering they wouldn't even stay on," another woman lamented.

"The thing is that literally is something I'd do," said another.

"Watch this be me in Newcastle," one woman joked about an upcoming trip to the Geordie Shore.

Others couldn't fathom how McGhee didn't realise until the morning after, while some blamed alcohol for the mishap.

"Don't drink kids," one Twitter used advised.


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