Servicing and value: the key to a good family car

Volkswagen New Zealand
Many Kiwi families share a deep attachment to the iconic and affordable Volkswagen cars. Photo credit: Volkswagen New Zealand

In a market where potential car buyers are bombarded with vehicles sporting the latest bells and whistles, for two Kiwi car enthusiasts there's no greater attraction when buying a new car than trust, affordability and customer care.

John and Glenys Langdon are waiting for their ninth Volkswagen to arrive, it's John's fourth. Glenys is currently driving her fifth.

"I've had three Volkswagen Touareg cars and my fourth one is on its way to me right now," John said.

Speaking to the couple from their Wairarapa family home, it was obvious the passion they had for not only the cars they drive, but the memories that are created while driving them, and the high quality service they always receive.

"We were farmers you see and our local Volkswagen dealership has always treated us how they would like to be treated."

The Langdon's belief in the Volkswagen brand doesn't just stem from its track record on performance. It's the relationship the company's dealers have built up with the couple that has been the real key to their loyalty.

"We often see Miles for lunch," John says. Miles is from the local Volkswagen dealership and was the person who sold them their first Volkswagen more than 15 years ago.

"He's become a personal friend."

And the Langdons say it's that kind of old fashioned service they continue to get from VW, that keeps them coming back for more.

It's a level of service that has become a cornerstone for Volkswagen since they first released the Beetle in New Zealand in 1954.

Volkswagen New Zealand
An image from 1956 showing a production line manufacturing Volkswagen Beetles. Photo credit: Getty Images

Volkswagen NZ national service manager Tony Lyford says currently the most popular Volkswagen models in NZ are the Golf, Polo, Tiguan and Amarok.

"The Golf effectively carried on where the Beetle left off. The Golf was first introduced into NZ in 1975 starting with the Mk1 and is now in its seventh generation."

"The Golf since its inception popularised the hatchback as a new class of vehicle. And now the Golf is setting a new milestone for the next generation with additions to the iconic design, intuitive technology and evolutionary safety features," he said.

Tony says they currently offer a five year warranty with roadside assistance for new vehicle purchases. 

"A service plan package can be purchased up until the vehicles first service. This covers the first three scheduled service items and inspections to be carried out."

"Whether your VW is brand new or has been handed down through generations, you will always receive genuine care and transparent pricing from our network of approved service centres."

The Langdons are not alone in their respect for Volkswagen service. Tony admits it’s hard to measure exactly how many loyal customers but he says "more than 37,000 individual Volkswagens came into our dealer network last year."

John sums up the performance of the Volkswagen with just a few words.

"There's nothing complicated about a Volkswagen it’s just a good honest car. You just get them and drive them."

His latest Volkswagen is expected to arrive within the coming weeks, then it will be Glenys' turn.

Until then, many kilometres will be covered by the two as they explore the open roads of New Zealand, knowing Miles is just a phone call away should they need anything, and they’ll most likely send him some holiday snaps too.

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