'She doesn't know I know': Mummy blogger's discovery biggest online bully is former close friend

One of Instagram's original 'mummy bloggers' has revealed she recently discovered one of her biggest trolls is a former best friend. 

Melbourne mum-of-two Sophie Cachia launched her blog The Young Mummy after becoming a mum at 22 years old.

With over 250,000 followers on Instagram, Cachia has spoken out in the past about the regular and repeated online bullying she faces daily. 

Speaking to Mamamia podcast Social Squad this week, Cachia revealed her worst experience was learning one of the Instagram trolls is a "girl who was in my life for years". 

"I know for a fact, that there's one woman, who I have known in my life, who I was once friends with, who works in the media at times, who was trying to build her way up - I know she is one of my biggest trolls," she said.

"I don't know if she knows that I know that. I've had lawyers, I've had everything, I've been with the police - I know this girl who was in my life for years is one of my biggest trolls." 

"I think the thing that hurts me is that you can talk about the trolls and all these anonymous people that have these opinions of you," she added.

"But what hurts me most... is the people that I am friends with, was friends with, have been really special to me in my life, don't want a bar of me anymore because of what I choose to do for work."

Cachia even admitted she previously has had suicidal thoughts due to the trolling.

"There's been times that I have had thoughts of, 'How am I going to escape this?' And I know that there's one way I can escape this," she told podcast host Tully Smyth.

"I haven't contemplated doing it, but the thoughts have definitely come into my head because of how horrific people have spoken about me, and the opinions people have of me that I know are so not true. [It has] got to me to the point where I've been in counselling."

Where to find help and support:

  • Need to Talk? - Call or text 1737
  • Lifeline - 0800 543 354 or (09) 5222 999 within Auckland
  • Youthline - 0800 376 633, text 234, email talk@youthline.co.nz or online chat
  • Samaritans - 0800 726 666
  • Depression Helpline - 0800 111 757
  • Suicide Crisis Helpline - 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO)