Shoppers lash out at vegan protest inside Countdown St Lukes

Shoppers at an Auckland supermarket lashed out at a vegan protest taking place there on Sunday.

Activists stood in front of the meat section at Countdown St Lukes holding signs demanding shoppers stop eating animals.

Video of the event shows one of the organisers, Anna Rippon, shouting at staff when they asked her if she had permission, explaining it was a peaceful protest for the "victims" of the meat industry.

"The impact of a non-vegan diet is the victims who we don't usually hear from, we're here today to give them a voice," she said later in the video.

A woman speaks to a man while holding a phone.
Rippon with a staff member. Photo credit: Supplied/Delta Wolfpine

Another protest organiser, Deno Stock, said he doesn't believe what he's doing is extreme.

"I think that the way those animal parts have been put in the supermarket is far more extreme than what we're doing, we're not doing any damage to anything, we're just standing with a sign."

People trying to get through the protesters to buy food weren't happy though and shouted at them while walking past.

"Get that out of my face, I'm disgusted you guys are even here in my supermarket while I'm trying to buy my food," one man said.

Another woman took issue with being filmed and followed Rippon while shouting they did not have permission to get her on camera.

"Take your camera off me, I'm doing my f**king shopping."

Two women, one pointing at another.
Rippon with a shopper. Photo credit: Supplied/Delta Wolfpine

Eventually, the group moved on from the supermarket and headed to the food court, walking past restaurants chanting: "it's not food it's violence".

A Countdown spokesperson told Newshub they work hard to provide vegan and vegetarian customers with good quality and affordable options. 

"We are also deeply committed to good animal welfare practices throughout our supply chain.

"We reserve the right to ask anyone undertaking protest action to leave our stores, however on this occasion this request was ignored several times.

"The police were called to support our team and the protestors left shortly afterwards."