The Block NZ 2019: Take a final glimpse inside the finished apartments

As season 8 comes to a close all four apartments in The Block NZ's Firehouse look incredible.

The auctions will be exciting and nerve-wracking for all four teams who have each put a lot of sweat and tears into their much-loved apartments, and had a lot of fun along the way. 

This is also true for the partners of The Block NZ 2019. Newshub spoke to partners Città, Resene and Tile Space about their own The Block NZ 2019 experiences, and asked them to reflect on this unique journey. 

Città's marketing manager Casey McPike says they loved seeing the enthusiastic and engaged fan-base come along to meet the teams at Eden Park. 

"The teams have essentially been invited into New Zealanders' living rooms four nights a week for the last 12 weeks... and that's a pretty special thing."

They also enjoyed seeing how the teams imagined Città products in each space.

"The teams had such different styles and preferences. They did a great job at conveying their individual styles throughout the apartments," Casey said.

Resene's Karen Warman says she'll miss the sense of anticipation she got waiting to see how the teams have transformed each space.

"Every year it's like opening a mystery box. Every set of contestants brings with them new ideas about how to combine colours together. It's such a treat seeing their fresh ideas."

"While we know the paint colours they have used, we can never quite guess how they are going to use them. It's like opening a surprising colourful present every week."

As Karen points out most homeowners have the luxury of lots of time to get their ideas organised, prep and paint.

"The Block teams are like watching DIY in super fast forward mode."

Tile Space Henderson branch manager Mahsa Halajpour was impressed at how well the teams handled the pressure considering everything moves so fast.

"There is no room for error, and you can see the importance of teamwork and time management. But it was so exciting to see the result and finished rooms.

"I'll definitely miss seeing the teams here every week, all the challenges, laughs and fun we had during the show. We all feel they are part of our Tile Space family."

To see all the images of the finished rooms, visit our photo galleries here: The Block NZ Fanzone.

The Block NZ Live Auction Final is on Sunday, September 8 at 7pm on Three followed by the Premiere of Married at First Sight NZ.

This article has been created for Città, Resene & Tile Space - proud partners of The Block NZ on Three.