'The Night Feed': UK mum launches app for new mums who get lonely during the night

A UK mother-of-two has launched a game-changing new app for other mums who are awake and breastfeeding at night

"It's just so lonely when you're in that zone, waking up every two hours, when you feel like everyone else in the world is asleep," ex-model Ruth Crilly told The Times. 

She says the idea came to her when breastfeeding her own children, Angelica, now four, and Ted, two, in the wee hours of the morning. 

"I was reading the news and getting anxious, or buying stuff I didn't need," she says, adding it was the online mothers' forums that caused the most stress.

 "I wasn't posting, but was reading a lot and getting really stressed because they were full of all this aggressive stuff with one person attacking another. It really affected me."

Crilly developed the app The Night Feed; an app with content from Crilly herself, as well as talks from paediatricians, Q&As with midwives and stylists' guides to the best breastfeeding-friendly clothes on the market.

'The Night Feed': UK mum launches app for new mums who get lonely during the night
Photo credit: The Night Feed.

"There's a feed timer that records useful things such as how long your baby fed for, which boob they fed from or how much formula they took and there are sleep sounds to lull you (and the baby) back into dreamworld," Crilly explains on her site. 

"If you do have a tiny alien-like being clamped to you, you will undoubtedly find the app tools quite useful." 

So if you're a mum facing endless sleepless nights - you might have just found your safe haven.

You can find more about The Night Feed here