The trials and tribulations of being a first-time dad

Ahead of the release of a new podcast, the father of an eight-month-old has described the experience of becoming a parent and how it's shone a light on what his own parents did for him.

Fatherhood comes with its many challenges and rewards and there's no instruction manual for how to be a great parent. 

New mothers will go through a countless amount of trials and tribulations, but there's never really much discussion around what new fathers will experience. 

Newshub Nation Reporter Mike Wesley-Smith has made a new podcast around becoming first-time parent.

While he didn't want to grade his performance as a father - saying he better leave that up to his wife - he said considering the eight-month-old baby was still alive, he must be "passing".

"[Fatherhood] is what every other dad tells you, it's life-changing, but absolutely for the better. It has been the best thing ever," he told The AM Show.

Wesley-Smith said a father's role is important, but having a baby also provides an "awesome appreciation for your wife, what the mum goes through".

He said the experience shone a new light on his childhood and made him realise how much his parents did for him. 

"You also look a little bit behind your shoulder at your mum and dad, and it gives you better insight."

The podcast includes interviews between Wesley-Smith and his father, as well as with his father-in-law.

He said they discuss a generational shift in what fatherhood is and how it is changing in the right direction.

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