Time spent watching television, playing video games could lower kids grades - study

Time spent watching television and playing video games could be affecting childrens' academic performance, a new study has found.

The study, published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, found overall screentime does not appear to affect grades, but time spent playing video games and watching TV does.

Spanish researchers came to the conclusion after combining the results from 30 studies involving 106,000 participants.

The studies looked at the time or frequency for computer, internet, mobile phone, television, video game and overall screen time, as well as academic performance including composite scores, language and mathematics.

Sensible Screen Use in Schools founder, paediatric physiotherapist Julie Cullen, told Newshub it's an "issue of balance" as technology does have some benefits.

"It's great to see research trying to break down the different factors so that children can make the most of the advantages that digital technology can provide while minimising any harms."

There have been conflicting results in previous studies about the impact of screen time on children and the study says casual inferences can't be made from its findings.

It suggests education and public health professionals consider supervision and reduced time spent on screens.