UK couple's pregnancy horror as 'baby' turns out to be cancerous tumour

A routine scan for a pregnant UK woman went from exciting to horrifying, after she and her partner were told their 'baby' was actually a cancerous tumour.

Twenty-three-year-old Grace Baker-Padden and her 28-year-old partner Joe Cowling told the Mirror they were initially surprised when she appeared to be pregnant, as she was on birth control. 

But it was confirmed by four pregnancy tests and a GP visit, and the couple decided to have the baby. Baker-Padden says she credited daily vomiting and mild swelling in her belly to her pregnancy. 

"We were so happy and excited. Our parents couldn't wait to be first-time grandparents," Baker-Padden told the Mirror. 

Grace Baker-Padden and Joe Cowling
Grace Baker-Padden and Joe Cowling. Photo credit: Facebook.

But during a routine scan at the 12-week mark, the couple says that things "didn't look right". 

 "There was no baby shape - it looked like a bunch of grapes. The midwife said it looked like a 'molar pregnancy', and went to find a doctor," Cowling says. 

Doctors confirmed it was a molar pregnancy, known as gestational trophoblastic disease - when an unfertilised egg implants in the uterus. While most are benign, Baker-Padden's was a malignant mass. 

 "We'd gone from expecting a baby to having the C-word thrown about," Baker-Padden recalled. "From planning this exciting new future as a family, to suddenly no baby and my health at risk was awful." 

"I just wanted the horrible mass out of me immediately."

Baker-Padden went through six months of chemotherapy as a result, and has since been cleared by doctors. The pair now have to wait at least a year for her hormones to settle, and they have a 15 percent chance of the same thing occurring again. 

A similar molar pregnancy hit headlines in 2017, when a British woman was first to 'give birth' to her tumour. 


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