UK mum accidentally sends photos of live sex show to under-7s football team

A UK mother living it up on holiday accidentally sent photos of a live sex show to an under-7s football team.

The mortified mother's evening out in Benidorm took a turn for the worse when she decided to share a photo of the X-rated entertainment to a group of friends on WhatsApp.

But 37-year-old Samantha pressed send in the wrong WhatsApp group - sending the raunchy image to a channel dedicated to a youthful sports team. 

Samantha didn't realise her mistake until she woke up the next morning to messages from her not-so-impressed husband.

"We all know that you are in Benidorm Sam, but I don't think these pictures are appropriate for an under-7s football team group," her husband messaged the group chat.

"Wrong group perhaps? Please can you delete them?"


"I'm so sorry everyone," Samantha apologised.

"Obviously the wrong group. I have deleted the pictures, but you will probably need to do it as well."

To Samantha's horror, another member of the chat had already shared a screenshot of the embarrassing exchange to social media before she could remove the evidence.

A source told The Sun that the mum "couldn't be more embarrassed" after her faux pas.


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