UK woman's bizarre Subway order goes viral

The bizarre Subway order.
The bizarre Subway order. Photo credit: Instagram/djee_cuma

An image of a woman's drunken Subway order has gone viral, and it has a few angry sandwich lovers scratching their heads.

Now, most of us love a cheeky chicken classic from time to time, right?

Well all this UK woman's sandwich had in it was cucumber, olives and cheese, and even the worker making the sandwich was humoured by her order.

"First time in Subway and the worker took a picture of my order," the London woman said in the Twitter post. "Am I doing this wrong?"

The order has left some Subway lovers particularly horrified.

"This the worst sandwich I've ever seen," one Twitter user replied.

"You should be banned from Subway!" another said.

The photo so far has racked up nearly 7000 retweets. The woman has since clarified that she was drunk, and that she's a vegetarian.