Vegan activists return to Countdown, sing 'give life a chance' in the aisles

Vegan activists have again taken up protesting inside a Countdown Supermarket, this time in dairy-producing heartland Hamilton.

Video sent to Newshub shows the group again standing silently in the meat aisle at the Countdown inside Chartwell Shopping Centre holding signs urging customers to "be kind" and go vegan.

Unlike last time there's less abuse from customers although one person, believed to be a Countdown staff member, is heard off-camera asking the group to leave.

The group did leave, marching through the aisles of the supermarket and then the mall, all the while singing 'give life a chance'.

It's the second time in as many weeks the vegan protest group has demonstrated inside a supermarket after a fiery clash with protesters at Countdown St Lukes on Sunday September 15.

Video of that protest showed a slightly more chaotic scene with shoppers lashing out over the vegans' presence inside the store.

"Get that out of my face, I'm disgusted you guys are even here in my supermarket while I'm trying to buy my food," one man said.

But the protesters, from activist group Direct Action Everywhere, were unrepentant and told media they would continue to demonstrate in honour of the "victims" of the meat production industry.

A spokesperson from Countdown said the supermarket would not be commenting further on any vegan disruptions.

"Our team will always politely ask the protestors to leave, and we hope they respect this and our customers' right to do their shopping."