White couple sue fertility clinic after having Asian baby

A white couple in New Jersey is demanding answers and compensation after giving birth to a baby with Asian features in an apparent mix-up at a fertility clinic. 

The anonymous couple noticed their daughter was developing "Asian features" when she was around two years old, NBC News reports.

She had been conceived via in vitro fertilisation at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

DNA tests confirmed the child was only related to the mother, and her father was of Asian descent.

The couple have since divorced, citing stress, and have launched a suit against the clinic.

Lawyer Dave Mazie said the couple wants to know the child's biological father, and if the sperm belonging to the mother's former husband was accidentally used elsewhere.

"I don't think the clinic should be closed down - people make mistakes - but this should never ever happen," he told NBC.

The clinic said in a statement it's unable to comment on specific patient matters, but it's looking into the incident.

 "The integrity of our treatment processes are paramount and we are taking this matter very seriously."