World reacts to vegan protest at Countdown St Lukes

Social media users have lashed out at a vegan protest inside an Auckland supermarket, which has made international headlines.

Activists stood in front of the meat section at Countdown St Lukes holding signs demanding shoppers stop eating animals on Sunday.

Video of the event shows one of the organisers, Anna Rippon, shouting at staff when they asked her if she had permission, explaining it was a peaceful protest for the "victims" of the meat industry.

The video has made headlines around the world.

Australia's The Today Show called them "vegan vigilantes" while the Daily Mail says they "raided" the supermarket.

Many social media users have lashed out at the protesters.

"These humans are now infringing on the rights of others to feed, to eat meat. How do their minds work? Should we carry canes while shopping so that whoever obstructs us gets a nice ass whooping?" one Twitter user said.

"This is not the way to go about it," another wrote. "Educate people, have a conversation, advertise - doing this stuff just p*sses people off."

On Wednesday, New Zealand First MP Mark Patterson also lashed out at the protest.

"What's the world coming to, good law-abiding meat-eaters being harassed by an iron-deficient mob," he said.

The protest organisers were approached for comment.