'Am I the a**hole?': Guy asks female neighbour to cook for him as 'she cooks every day anyway'

A man stands in an apartment hallway.
A man stands in an apartment hallway. Photo credit: Getty

A single guy who asked his female neighbour to cook for him because "she's cooking anyway" has been slammed online.

The 31-year-old shared his predicament on the subreddit, 'Am I the Asshole' on Wednesday.

It quickly transpired that yes, the guy was indeed being an asshole. 

The man, who lives alone in an apartment complex, introduced his story by saying he and a female neighbour from across the hall "aren't friendly", but exchange pleasantries. He admitted he doesn't even know her name but calls her "Katie" for the story's sake. 

"So I don't know how to cook, and due to me losing one of my part-time gigs, I don't have as much money for takeout... I'm getting really sick of eating cheap fast food," he wrote.

"This is where Katie comes in. I can always smell her cooking in the hall and it smells amazing (I know it isn't the other person at the end of our hall because he's a single old man). I've even complimented it a few times. 

"So I got the idea that I'd offer to give her some money each week to cook a little extra and bring it over to me (or I can pick it up from her) at night. She's cooking anyway and then I'd have varied, presumably delicious food."

The Reddit user, who goes by 'AwayPerformer', said he propositioned Katie with his offer - which she refused.

"She said she couldn't because she was too busy (which didn't make sense because she cooks almost every day but okay)," AwayPerformer lamented.

"The next time I saw her, I asked her if she was sure and upped the amount I was offering... she said it was rude, that she isn't a housekeeper for hire... she also called me a 'stranger' even though we have talked in the halls before."

Katie's refusal to cook extra portions of food for the random guy across the hall made the 31-year-old feel "embarrassed" and "a little mad".

He attempted to justify why his behaviour wasn't "creepy", saying Katie "isn't his type".

"I think asking her to split cooking wasn't completely outlandish since she cooks every day anyway and it wouldn't be hard to make a little more," he finished.

The man's recount quickly erupted with scandalised responses targeting him from every angle, respondents calling out his "sexism", "entitled behaviour", "laziness", "harassment" and "lack of boundaries".

"I absolutely love that he is offended that she called him a stranger. He doesn't know her first name!" said one.

"'Sorry my behaviour is creepy, sexist, entitled and has made you feel uncomfortable in your own home but you're not my type, so I deserve you to spend your valuable time cooking for and feeding me,'" another commented.

"You are clearly making her extremely uncomfortable... why on earth would you think that you're entitled to this person's cooking... she's calling you a stranger because you are a stranger... stop harassing your neighbour and learn to cook," read another response.

AwayPerformer eventually conceded it was "abundantly clear" he was an asshole, admitting his proposition was "inappropriate".

"My instinct is to apologise to her but since my instinct was to ask her in the first place, I'll do the opposite and stay out of her hair. Thanks," he said.

In case it isn't already crystal clear - don't presume an acquaintance without a first-name basis wants to shop for, prepare and cook food for the perfectly capable stranger across the hallway.