Auckland labradoodle becomes YouTube sensation with his Minecraft talent

An Auckland dog is generating worldwide interest for his 'human-like' abilities.

Max the labradoodle has become pretty good at a popular video game, his technique attracting millions of views online.

Max has taken the usual doggy tricks to the next level with his Minecraft talent.

There was a lot of training, with a custom-built keyboard suitable for Max's paw size.

When the labradoodle's owner was confident his dog had become a "Minecrafter", he filmed it and put it on the internet. It's fair to say Max is now an official YouTube star - 6.5 million views later. 

"It sort of just kicked off and within a few days it hit a million," said Max's owner, Liam Thompson. 

"Then a few million, and now it's just been everywhere, which is madness."


The gaming duo have even made money out of the video.

"Advertisers pay for the ads on your videos and then YouTube gives you a cut," Thompson explained. 

Max did it again on Thursday for Newshub - what a good boy.

Every time the dog puts his paws to work, he's rewarded with his favourite treats - cornflakes.

"I think it's mostly food motivation for sure," said Thompson.

He has high hopes for Max's next endeavour.

"[He can learn] just about anything that a human does. People seem to enjoy seeing Max," he told Newshub.

"I've always wanted to teach him to close the door. I thought it would be quite funny."

If cornflakes are involved, anything could be possible.