Australian baker exposes jam doughnut industry lie

Jam doughnuts were the pinnacle of after-school treats when I was growing up. The promise of a walk down to KB's bakery in Christchurch for a jammy doughnut meant it was a very, very good day. 

The classic jam doughnut consists of a filled pastry oozing with strawberry or raspberry jam and covered in a light dusting of sugar.

But an Aussie baker has exposed an industry secret about the bakery staple that might shock you. 

Speaking to, Donut King general manager Andrew Badcock confessed that some food brands don't use real jam in their jam doughnuts at all.

"Some food brands use apple paste or sauce as the core ingredient in the raspberry jam recipe," he revealed. 

"With its natural sweetness and no pips, apple sauce is widely used for its smooth and 'jammy' texture."

He added: "Many customers show a proclivity towards smoother and more consistent textures in their food choices as it's a more familiar and comforting experience.

"Pips, seeds and smaller grains tend to get caught in teeth and a lot of people don't appreciate that sensation."

Any Auckland bakeries willing to show that their doughnuts are filled with raspberry jam are encouraged to send them to Newshub, for testing.