Australian mummy blogger discovers baby's unique name may be illegal

There's a lot of pressure when it comes to picking out baby names, but one Australian mummy blogger has shown it can get you into legal trouble. 

Claire Alexander-Johnston, known by her Instagram handle 'Jet Set Mama', welcomed her fourth child into the world this month but faced a big hiccup when it came to the unique name she chose.

"Welcome to the family Citizen Sage Alexander-Johnston," she wrote on Instagram, to her 117,000 followers.

"You are 10 days old... Sorry this naming business has taken so long!

"We had a bit of a curveball when we announced your name to our family, as someone pointed out, it's possibly illegal to name you that in Australia, as it falls loosely under the category of 'title' like King, Duke, Lord or Captain."

Alexander-Johnston says her partner tried to change it, even playing with the name 'Disco'. 

"But nothing else felt right for you as a Libra, with a [very sensible and grounded] Capricorn moon," she added. 

"So Citizen you are, and always will be - a Citizen of the world. And amazing Sage - burning, cleansing, and healing."

A follower commented on the post, asking if the name had been approved by BDM (Births, Deaths and Marriages). 

"Not yet," Alexander-Johnston replied, explaining they said it was "borderline" but nobody has ever tried registering it before. 

"We have to wait to see when our paperwork gets back. If they reject it, we'll just modify it to Zen Sage but still call him Citizen officially," she added. 

New Zealand has similar laws when it comes to baby names. Previously declined names by the Registrar-General in 2017 and 2018 include King, Majesty, Bishop, Prince and Judge. 



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