Australian woman's warning after Kmart microwave explodes

Erin Richo shared photos of the damaged kitchen appliance.
Erin Richo shared photos of the damaged kitchen appliance. Photo credit: Facebook

An Australian woman has shared her horror after the glass in her one-week-old Kmart microwave shattered with other parts melting. 

Erin Richo posted in the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook page sharing photos of the damaged kitchen appliance. 

Richo said she was making pasta when she heard a "pop type noise" and saw the centrepiece had melted. 

She warned other users to be aware if they had recently purchased the NZD$109 Anko 34L Microwave Oven. 

"I have had it for one week and I heard a pop type noise when making pasta and the middle piece appears to have melted or something and has cracked the glass and everything," she wrote. 

"I will contact them tomorrow, but just a heads up if you got one recently. I will keep you all posted."

It seems Erin isn't alone, with one commentator saying she had to return hers after the "metal came away inside the door and started sparking".

Another woman said her microwave short-circuited after three weeks and "tripped the house".  

However, other users seemed to have no issues with a woman saying she had owned one for a year without any problems. 

Another said she had hers for five months with no issues, leading to speculation Richo's appliance was part of a bad batch. 

The microwave is for sale in New Zealand on the Kmart website. It has received an average five-star review from 15 people. 

One person said it "cooks perfectly and heats up just right". 

Kmart has been contacted for comment. 


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