Bride under fire for choosing 'cuter' niece as flower girl, then firing her

Flower girl at wedding
The eight-year-old child was apparently devastated. Photo credit: Getty.

One bride's search for advice from the internet has backfired after she chose her more "angelic" niece to be flower girl, then gave the job to another niece on the day. 

Posting on popular sub-Reddit 'Am I the Asshole', the bride explained she had the "tough decision" of choosing between her two eight-year-old nieces, Amber and Katie, to be flower girls on her wedding day. 

Saying she was feeling "shallow", the bride chose Amber, the niece she dubbed "cuter" due to her "long hair, glasses and a big smile". 

According to the bride, Amber then began bullying Katie about not getting the job of flower girl. 

"On the wedding morning I got to witness the bullying myself and it was pretty cruel," the bride acknowledged.

"Amber told Katie that she'd never get married because she's too ugly.

"I could imagine how upsetting this would be for a child and I made Amber apologise and also took away the flower girl job and gave it to Katie."

The bride says eight-year-old Amber cried "throughout the wedding day" after getting the job taken away from her. 

Before leaving for her honeymoon, the bride says she contacted one of her brothers, Amber's father, who was reportedly "extremely angry". 

"He said Amber has been crying the past two days and felt really humiliated, and was really looking forward to the job."

But the bride says she felt she'd made the right decision. 

"As someone who was bullied myself growing up, it felt like the right thing to do after Amber's behaviour towards Katie. 

"I can't imagine how upsetting those comments would be, and at that point Katie - who had never been anything other than well behaved - deserved it more than Amber."

However, the internet disagreed, with the post racking up over 2000 comments from Redditers who thought the bride was the asshole in the whole convoluted family affair. 

"You're the asshole for not just having two flower girls. Like, why was this even an issue in the first place?" one person wrote, to which another replied: "My thoughts exactly". 

"You're the asshole for claiming you took the job away because one was bullying the other for her looks when that's essentially what you were doing when you picked one over the other," pointed out another. 

"So you rejected one niece because of her looks, then got mad when she was bullied for her looks? You're honestly disgusting... Who the hell are you to be judging an 8-year-old kid on how cute she is? Sounds like bullying runs in the family," added another.