Cadbury to release special edition White Christmas chocolate block

Cadbury's Dream: White Chocolate will be white chocolate filled with raspberries, rice crisps and sliced almonds.
The new White Christmas block is set to be released in Australian next week. Photo credit: Cadbury

Cadbury is set to release a special Christmas-themed chocolate block this holiday season, according to 7News. 

The White Christmas chocolate will be part of their 'Dream' branded chocolate block.

"White Chocolate icon Cadbury Dream is pairing with your favourite seasonal inclusions to launch Cadbury Dream White Christmas," a Cadbury spokesperson told 7news. 

The new creation is rumoured to be white chocolate filled with raspberries, rice crisps and sliced almonds. 

The spokesperson told 7News the chocolate will be available in Australia early next week, but there is still no news about when it might be hitting New Zealand shelves. 

Cadbury isn't the only brand releasing special chocolates. Whittaker's recently set social media abuzz with their Rugby World Cup-themed chocolate. 

The limited edition 'Home' and 'Away' blocks were designed to showcase signature flavours of New Zealand and Japan.

The 'Home' block combines white chocolate with locally sourced coffee and replicates an iconic New Zealand Flat White in a chocolate block.

The 'Away' block combines Japanese matcha and caramelised pistachios in white chocolate.