Children's books slammed for naming boy's genitals, avoiding girl's genitals

children's books about bodies
The irony has not been lost on Twitter. Photo credit: Rosemary Bennett/Twitter.

A series of books teaching "curious" children about their bodies has come under fire for labelling male genitals and not female. 

UK author Alex Waldron penned the books which have similar, yet distinctly different titles: That's My Willy for the boy's edition, and the much vaguer What's Down There? for the girl's. 

According to Metro, the books are aimed at a preschool audience and are due to be released for sale next week. 

They gained attention after The Times Education Editor Rosemary Bennett tweeted an image of the books. 

"Girls' genitals considered so mysterious they don't even have a name in these new books," Bennett wrote.  

The tweet has racked up over 3500 likes, with followers commenting on the hypocrisy of the titles. 

"Ah the ultimate euphemism," wrote Helena Pozniak. 

"Guidance for boys, vs a spiritual sequel to Journey To The Centre Of The Earth for girls," joked David D'Souza. 

Science shows encouraging women to speak only about their vaginas can positively impact their health. Research from UK Ovarian Cancer Action suggests young women are putting their health at risk thanks to the fear of saying 'vagina'.

According to the study, women aged 18 to 24 feel so embarrassed talking about their vaginas that they would avoid making a doctor's appointment if they experienced issues, instead preferring to just privately Google their symptoms.

So instead of keeping female genitalia a secret, let's all say 'vagina' with pride.