Erin Simpson posts picture of edible nightmare, calls it 'best lunch ever'

Ex-children's TV star and now Instagrammer Erin Simpson has made some questionable decisions in the past - as we all did in the age of low-slung jeans and coloured hair extensions. 

But I've never found any of them to be as confusing and offensive as an Instagram Story she posted on Thursday at approximately midday.

Appearing to be Zorbing in Rotorua for her new TV show, Simpson posted a captivating image of a standard plastic lunchbox, with individual compartments - the type schoolchildren around the world take to school every day. 

My attention was immediately caught by the caption, written in authoritative black font on a white background: "When your mum packs the best lunch ever!"

Erin Simpson's lunchboz
Let your eyes be offended. Photo credit: Instagram.

I was intrigued, as a fan of the humble packed lunch myself. What delights were we to see in Simpson's lunchbox? A vegemite sammy? Some roll-ups, maybe a homemade muesli bar if we were feeling healthy?

Instead, my eyes struggled to assemble the jumbled collection of goods that were laid out in the image. 

The lunch contained: 

  • Two (2) boiled eggs
  • One (1) compartment of dressing - mayonaise (as labelled)
  • Two (2) Fresh'n Fruity yoghurts (flavour unknown)
  • One (1) teaspoon

That's it. I clicked through, assuming there must be another image of food which made this collection of miscellaneous items make sense. 

Sadly, no - and I was left with more questions than I began with (The original question being, I guess, what does Erin Simpson have for lunch?).

Who still eats flavoured yoghurts in these sugar-phobic times, let alone two in one sitting? What is the mayo for - dipping the eggs in? Is the spoon for the eggs or the yoghurt or BOTH? 

Also I don't want to point fingers, but if we're looking closely, that mayo has not handled the heat well. 

Honestly, Erin, you were once an inspiration to children around the country, but I feel like this should have come with some sort of trigger warning. 

Obviously, most of the blame should fall on her mother, the so-tagged Suzie Simpson. 

Get it together, Suzie. 

For some tips on creating an actually edible lunchbox, you can read this Aussie dad's tips on creating the perfect lunch



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